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Weddings in the garden

If one thinks about important issues for planning a wedding, you can not leave out the place. The selected location can be crucial to the success of the wedding. Today, there are various places where you can place: hotels, rooms, etc.. However, in recent years the gardens were imposed as an option for those who want to celebrate their outdoor wedding.



And no wonder that so it happened, for a garden offers many advantages. One of the advantages offered by the wedding in a garden is that concern about the decor is much lower. The landscaped surroundings offer a breathtaking view that far exceeds any design in an enclosed building. Therefore, the decoration of the place has to be stylish, but should not contain many elements, because that way, it would overload the environment. A gazebo where the couple can pronounce their vows before the guests or, if they wish, can take place a short religious ceremony, it would be nice ideal. Besides the above, another benefit of the gardens is to provide a more informal atmosphere in which guests can wear clothes more casual than a formal conclusion. Above all, the guests may attend with short dresses or backless. For all these benefits take effect, we must consider limitations that place usually outdoors. It is better to have a wedding in a garden in summer. We must be aware of the weather forecast, as rain or a storm may overshadow the occasion. It is also good that the celebration begins the day, as well as guests admire the scenery. However, it is not necessary that the celebration ends before sunset. If there is a good deal of light, perhaps with candles, lamps and torches, you can give a distinguished end to the celebration, but the schedule is a limiting factor.