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Speaking of mounting

Speaking of mounting, if you place your event in a table for food, this is also why you should care decorative detail to integrate harmoniously, you can also avail of ice figures with indirect lighting.



Tables should look simple and elegant, there are even those who rule to make cards with the name of each guest to put in place, this is a detail that speaks well of you because you give each guest representing the importance appear in your event.

(Although it has the disadvantage that they may prefer another place and if you fail some, to invite some extra people not notice the empty spaces in your party).

Currently, not many flowers are being used in the decoration, in effect used the foliage, crystals, water and candles. In all decoration predominates a base color and its shades. This should be at the table linen, table centers and napkins.

The napkins, tablecloths like, must be impeccably ironed and folded, can be complemented with a flower or a small souvenir detail that harmonizes with the centerpiece and the environment in general. The centerpieces can be low or high. If you are high should be noted that not obscuring the seats. At the time of the distribution of the tables and the decor of the place should leave sufficient space to allow mobility of the guests. Consideration should be given to small details. Sometimes the sum of little things are what make the greatness of décor.