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The decor of your event

The decor of your event will be the hallmark of it so that makes it different to others, it will singular and particular, which is why we suggest you calmly see various options and budgets.

When it comes to events in gardens, carp are a major element in which you can decorate your posts, and you can do really wonderful things in it, which will give you a very very personal touch, if that's the case we suggest that you check well the dance floor and the stage, sometimes everything looks beautiful and not give due respect to the track that looks uneven, badly painted or varnished, etc.



Even the stage for the band if it appears to be chipped parts like the little black dot in all your white sheet. Talking about the group, please verify your installation, some groups are sometimes neglected in it and your speakers can be seen with scratches, some devices placed in an improvised and so, their presence also will look unprofessional, their dress and appearance is also important, is unpleasant to see bands where its members do not look well dressed and where their appearance and their staff is not exactly up to your event.

The decor should be in accordance with the room where the ceremony will take place so that the elegance and good taste harmonize and dreams come true for the couple.

The style of the decoration varies depending on whether the event takes place during the day or night. Today it is customary to find a detail that motivates the overall decor. It may be the favorite season of the bride or the couple when they met or when committed. The reason may be centered at sea, on land, in air, in nature, in a country, a culture, in order in which the bride and groom wish to reflect as their tastes, ideas and desires. Some decorators use a modern and contemporary style, while others are held in a more traditional line. However, a good designer is one who is able to hear the wishes of the bride, take their ideas and make them yours in order to coordinate and optimize resources and provide a finish full of harmony and elegance.